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Design in Nature and the Relevancy of Your School

Dr. Adrian Bejanof Duke, author of Design in Nature, has been kind enough to help clarify our understanding of how the constructal law will drive the design of future K-12 learning systems. The constructal law requires that systems that carry some flow tend towards a tree-shape design (see earlier posts for clarification). I queried him [...]

Finding Value Never More Important For Both Public and Private Schools

I have been investigating, and you have been commenting on, the future structure of K-12 education.  In my morning paper there is an article about National School Choice Week, particularly important here in San Diego, which has one of the strongest school choice programs in the nation.  Families can apply for their students to attend any [...]

More Thoughtful Comments on Constructal Law and The Structure of Education

My reflections on the work by Dr. Adrian Bejan on constructal law and its implications for K-12 school and learning continues to draw comments, both from educators and theorists.  Here are two thoughtful comments to mull over as we think about how a global learning system, the cognitosphere, will evolve in the years and decades [...]

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Dreams and Textbooks

I had a dream last night.  I was in a high school chemistry class and the teacher handed us all a textbook, not something new, fresh, or innovative, just old textbooks.  In my dream, and just after when I woke up, I experienced a warm feeling of comfort and confidence.  I knew all I needed [...]

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