Images of a Very Different Strategic Planning Process

High school students gather in cross-grade teams to ideate ways to advance one of four big themes for the future. Strategic plans should reflect the vision of a school community. Most do not. Most plans are the result of relatively shallow input from some school stakeholders, followed by a rapid synthesis by a [...]

Mt. Vernon School Sets a New Bar for High School Learning Spaces

Breakout space Last week was packed with learning and sharing for me, so I am going to do a set of very short blogs.  First up is the INCREDIBLE new high school building at Mt. Vernon School in Atlanta. Followers will know that I have viewed Mt. Vernon as an exemplar, leading-edge school [...]

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Part 2: What Does Your Admin Leadership Team Actually Do?

Last week I posted Part 1 of  the evolving role of a school or district admin leadership team.  I want to dig deeper into this: How might we really amplify the power of this team of leaders? Think about your admin leadership team and your team meetings. Like any  group within an organization, your admin [...]

Increased Competition For Students is the New Normal

I had the honor of addressing about 100 public school superintendents last week, just as we were unpacking copies of Thrive for all of them!  (If you have not seen it yet, I have updated the home page of my website, where you can click a link for a free download of the Introduction).  They [...]

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Courage to Change Springs From Social Proof and Social Herding

Danvers Fleurry at TalentedApp reminded me last week that behavioral change is almost always a function of courage.  We don't change our personal or professional behaviors, even if we cognitively know we want to, unless we have the courage to walk over that bridge. Where do we find that courage? Major sources, and probably increasingly [...]

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Sharing My Personal “How To” Archives in New Book

Education is better off when we all share as much as we can. I decided to not hold anything back in my new book, THRIVE: How Schools Will Win the Education Revolution. In addition to what I hope you will find is a wealth of ideas about how to make your school or district what [...]

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What College Are We Prepping Kids For?

What does it mean for a student to go to a "college prep"-focused school today? In a provocative, well-researched, and often disturbing article in the New York Times, leading author Paul Tough takes a deep dive into the profound challenges that most colleges and universities face in balancing the desire for diversity and the reality [...]

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