If Your School is Ready to Accelerate Innovation, Join Us!

The single biggest differentiator in organizations that implement successful, sustainable, value-rich innovation is the move from talk to action.  Successful organizations DO.  This is why I am so excited to join with the Canadian Association of Independent Schools in developing and offering a year-long Strategic Change Accelerator for schools that are ready to take on [...]

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Tips, Tricks, and Hacks for Designing the Learning Space

Last fall a school in Connecticut reported that they cancelled plans for a new classroom building, realizing that if they just did internal improvements to their existing classrooms they could achieve all of their goals for "deeper learning" physical spaces and save about $6 million.  Every school I visit is space challenged: how do we [...]

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Join Rock Star Jill Gough in The Sandbox Next Week!

Jill Gough is one of the best educators I know. She has deep and rich background in the classroom and is a master teacher of others.  She routinely converts what others think of as the most formulaic of subjects, math, into an experience of deeper learning. She is both a ground-breaker and a safe space [...]

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Strategy is About Surviving Evolution

Yesterday I spoke with an independent school head who emailed me on my views about strategic planning, how I might help, and who else they should reach out to. Here is what I shared: As I have written and spoken about for almost five years, the traditional independent school strategic plan is ineffective for a [...]

Final Blog From Amazing Week at Catlin Gabel School

My big takeaways from observing the Catlin Gabel middle school J-Week: Fun, energizing engaging, rich, fast-paced, student-centered, real-life. Tiring, maybe a bit too full. An incredible pilot that the school can use to drive a deeper learning model across the division. What is next? Gather feedback from all stakeholders. Synthesize and filter the feedback; find [...]

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7th Grade Prototypes of “Art in the Future

Prototypes in just one of five 7th grade rooms where prototyping of the future is going on: Overall Theme: "Art in the Future" Active prototypes: The intersection of clothing, fashion and architecture. The art of what the world will look like in map form after a decade of sea level rise. Clothing that reflects war, [...]

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Catlin Gabel Upate at 9:30 AM

I have NO idea what is going to happen with a bunch of 6th graders start cold-calling business to solicit donations in support of a refugee family in a couple of hours.  Look at the list they kids brainstormed.  Will they even get through to a real person? Will that person believe the pitch that [...]

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MIcro-blogging today from Catlin Gabel Middle School!

8th graders starting to map out a day on public transportation with no help or advice from teachers. For the next two days I am at Catlin Gabel School in Portland where the middle school is in a pilot week of "re-imagining" school.  I set out their agenda for the week in my [...]

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