My Best Failed Idea: Campus Sanctuaries

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My Best Failed Idea: Campus Sanctuaries

We have all had good ideas that have failed to take root.  A Tweet from Jamie Baker today reminded me of a GREAT idea that I had that was too radical at the time, but maybe others can take advantage of it.

If you are planning a campus building project, big or small, what about creating small spots in strategically located places that are sanctuaries in time and space.  These spots, perhaps just a bench or patch or garden or a small group of seating in a reflective location, are designated as no-work, no-meeting, no-school-business zones.  Adults and students are all welcome to be there.  Perhaps they will be places of quiet; perhaps for face-to-face alternatives to texts, Tweets, and emails.  They are marked by a row of rocks or a different color to the carpet so they are known and respected. Actively encourage their use by all: faculty, custodial staff, office workers, and students across grade levels.  Make it a big deal.  Build them and they will come.

If we are serious about balancing our lives and those of our students, why not make this small, yet highly visible change in our culture and physical presence?

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