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  1. FolasadeAdefisayo

    Hello Grant,
    I am not sure you expected a follower all the way from Nigeria.I have read both your books and watched the video on your trip around America. I have also heard you at a previous NAIS Conference. I have been inspired by these readings. I actually am trying to also write something positive about schools in Nigeria. Most of the discussions and articles on schools in my country are very disheartening but I believe that there are good stories out there. Maybe not quite as disruptive as your 64 schools, but there must be some people trying to run good schools. I just wanted to find out how best to start such a journey. I have written about it in my blog (https://folasadeadefisayo.wordpress.com/2016/05/02/innovation-in-nigerian-schools/

    I do hope you will be able to give me a few tips – what to look out for and how to plan the journey

    1. Grant Post author

      Thanks for reaching out, and best of luck with your work! The questions you cited in your blog post from #EdJourney are the best way to start: are these the right questions for Nigerian schools? My best suggestions are pretty easy: ask questions, listen, observe, record…and then synthesize. Go in with no pre-conceptions of what you will see and learn. Beyond that:

      Spend about a half day at each school. Ask to see what THEY think of as innovative, but also observe the rest of the school.
      Talk to students. Ask them what they are doing. Sometimes this means you have to be a bit rude and “turn your back” on the adults who want to tell you everything. And talk to teachers when the administrators are not present!
      Visit a variety of public and private schools; rich and poor. Look beyond the physical spaces to see where unusual practices lie, where you might not expect them. Look for things that are innovative that don’t require money to implement.
      Ask teachers and administrators why they do what they do? What do they value, and are they doing what they value or what they have been told to do by someone outside of the school?

      I can’t wait to hear the results and share #EdJourneyNigeria!!

  2. Tony Pfeiffer

    HI Grant,
    Stumbled onto your TED Talk and loved it. I agree with everything you said and I want to see the joy of learning be nurtured first and always in the home.

    My vision and passion is a lifespan forever circle of learning that starts at birth.
    IGNITE! – The Joy of learning
    PROTECT – the path and process of each learner
    NURTURE – the nature of every child
    CELEBRATE – small wins every day

    Love to chat with you when you have time.

    Tony Pfeiffer, The Joy of Learning Guy


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