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TEDX: What 60 Schools Can Tell Us About Teaching 21st Century Skills

Grant Lichtman at
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Here is what it looks like when I work with schools

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A Night of Inquiry, Innovation, and Impact

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Design Thinking for Educators

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Community Engagement Speaking Event at Summit School, North Carolina
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Some Clients

  • Alamagordo Public Schools
  • Albermarle County Schools, Virginia
  • All Saint’s Episcopal School
  • Allendale Columbia School
  • Assn. of Delaware Valley Independent School
  • Assn. of Independent Schools of the Northeast
  • Assn. of Maryland Independent Schools
  • Awty School
  • Beaches Episcopal School
  • Bennett Day School
  • Bolles School
  • Calif. County Superintendents Educational Services Association
  • Canadian Association of Independent Schools
  • Carolina Day School
  • Carney, Sandoe and Associates
  • Catlin Gabel School
  • Center for Transformational Leadership, Dallas
  • Chadwick School
  • Chandler School
  • Chatham Hall
  • Clarion School, Dubai
  • College and Work Readiness Assessment (CWRA)
  • Colorado Academy
  • Colorado Association of Independent Schools
  • Community School
  • Delphian Schools
  • Delta School
  • Eagle Hill School
  • East Asian Regional Council of Schools (EARCOS)
  • EdTech Leaders
  • EduTech Middle East
  • Ellis School
  • Emery Weiner School
  • Enrollment Management Association
  • Epstein Hillel
  • ERB
  • Ethel Walker School
  • First American Education Finance
  • Florida Association of Independent Schools
  • Forman School
  • GEMS Academy, Dubai
  • Gould Academy
  • Green Vale School
  • Harbor Day School
  • Harvard Westlake Schools
  • Hill School (PA)
  • Hobsonville Point Secondary School, (New Zealand)
  • Holland Hall School
  • Holy Child School
  • Hun School
  • Iowa Area Education Agencies
  • Independent School Assn. of Central States
  • Independent Schools Experiential Education Network
  • Institute for the Future of Learning
  • Jacksonville Preparatory Academy
  • Kingsway College School, Toronto
  • Lake Ridge Academy
  • Legacy Christian Academy
  • Linsly School
  • Loomis Chafee School
  • Los Altos K-8 School District
  • Martin Institute for Teaching Excellence
  • McDonogh School
  • Mercersburg
  • Miami Valley School
  • Miami Country Day School
  • Mid-South Business Officers Assn.
  • Miss Porter’s School
  • Mt. Vernon Presbyterian School
  • Nansemond-Suffolk School
  • Nashoba Brooks School
  • National Business Officer Association
  • New York TST BOCES Schools
  • New York Assn. of Independent Schools
  • North Carolina Assn. of Independent Schools
  • Northwest District Lutheran Schools
  • Orlando Junior Academy
  • Pacific Northwest Assn. of Independent Schools
  • Pacific Ridge School
  • Paideia School
  • Parish Episcopal School
  • Pasadena Polytechnic School
  • Peck School
  • Peddie School
  • Pennsylvania Principals Association
  • Philadelphia Independent School Business Officers Association
  • Pinecrest Schools
  • Pojoaque Valley High School, NM
  • Porter-Gaud School
  • Poway Unified School District
  • Queen Anne’s School, Reading, UK
  • Renbrook School
  • Ridgefield School
  • Rivers School
  • Rowland Hall School
  • Santa Fe Public Schools (Ortiz Middle School)
  • Shipley School
  • South Dakota TIE
  • South Orangetown Central School District
  • Southwest Assn. of Independent Schools
  • Spartanburg Day School
  • St. Andrew’s Episcopal, Potomac
  • St. Andrew’s School, Boca Raton
  • St. Andrew’s School, Delaware
  • St. Andrews, Scots School, Argentina
  • St. Anne’s-Belafield School
  • St. Christopher’s School
  • St. John’s Episcopal School
  • St. Mark’s School
  • St. Paul’s School, New Hampshire
  • Storm King School
  • Summit School, N.C.
  • Summit School, MD
  • The Miami Valley School
  • Tilton School
  • Tower Hill School
  • Trinity Episcopal School
  • uLearn New Zealand
  • United States Military Academy, West Point
  • Unity Grammar, Australia
  • University of San Diego School of Education and Leadership
  • Val Verde Unified School District
  • Virginia Assn. of Independent Schools
  • Visitation Academy
  • Warwick Valley Central School District
  • Westminster School
  • Wichita Collegiate
  • Wildwood School
  • Wilmington Montessori School
  • Winnetka School District
  • York School


Feedback from Grant’s Events

“Grant Lichtman is an uber-expert. He is the guest speaker to afford your audience with the exact blend of experience, research, thoroughness and wit to engage an audience to not only listen but decide to act on his words. He demonstrates the importance of community challenge coupled with circumspect thoroughness. I invited Grant to take on the intelligent minds of CFO’s and Heads of Schools at our Risk Management Conference for Boarding Schools and he hit the mark with his opening address.”
Katie Koestner
Executive Director, Campus Outreach Services

“Grant stopped by St. Luke’s to visit the Center for Leadership on his journey, and I can’t tell you how valuable an experience it was to be on the hosting end. Spending the morning talking with him, connecting with the insights he’s discovered on his journey, reflecting on the probing questions he asks and interesting issues he raises about the nature of our school and the way we pursue our mission… about as rewarding as it gets.”
Jim Foley
Director of Center for Leadership, St. Luke’s School

“Great job, Grant. I think everyone in the room at the last session of the ISAS Business Officers’ Conference was blown away with the open presentation and participation. The energy, enthusiasm, and creativity just exploded. Just goes to show you that numbers people can think out of the box! Can’t wait to see how everyone takes the message back to their schools and what form of implementation comes about. I know I can’t wait to share with my head of school and leadership team.”
Elise Murphy
CFO, The Lamplighter School

“Your recent presentation was the highlight of the conference for me! The inspiration you provided led to an amazing idea-generation process with my peers that I found incredibly exciting. I feel more motivated to facilitate change and improvements in my school than I have in years, and I’m anxious to take my ideas back to see where they land. Grant, thanks for re-igniting the spark for me!”
Kathy Peters
CFO, Phoenix Country Day School

Papers, Talks, and Facilitations

“Voices From the Road”, Pinecrest School Summer Institute, June 2014
“Innovation, Transformation, Mutation”, NBOA Annual Conference March 2014
“Why School?” NAIS Annual Conference, February 2014
ASCD Annual Meeting, Keynote Address, November 2013
Martin Institute Summer Conference Plenary Session, June 2013
St. Christopher’s School, Richmond, VA Annual Board Retreat, March 2013
Assoc. of Business Officers of Independent Schools, March 2013
“On the Road”, TEDx Denver Teachers, March 2013
National Business Officers Association Annual Meeting, Feb 2013
“On the Highway of School Innovation”; National Association of Independent Schools Annual Meeting, Feb 2013
Keynote: Strategic Leadership Forum, National Business Officers Association, 2012

Active Learning Session: “Damn the Troll, Cross the Bridge”; Indep. Schools Assoc. of Southwest, 2012

Keynote: “Big Enterprise-Level Questions for Boarding Schools to Successfully Manage Risk” The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) Annual Risk Management Conference, 2012
“What if Great is Not Good Enough”, Net Assets Magazine, National Business Officers Association, 2012
“Move from ‘Why Innovate’ to ‘How’-Become an Entrepreneurial School”, NAIS Annual meeting, 2012
“Bringing Educational Change to the Developing World”, Silliman University College of Education Convocation, Philippines, 2012
“Only 89 Thing to Worry About”, Net Assets Magazine, National Business Officers Association, 2011
“Educational Change for the 21st Century”, LEAD San Diego, 2011
“Independent Schools and 21C Education”, San Diego conference, 2011
“Implementing a Technology Vision”, Francis Parker School, 2010
“Teaching for the 21st Century”, American Association of Civil Engineers, 2010
“Education in a Time of Change” College of Education, Silliman University, Philippines, 2010
“The Falconer Model of Strategic and Creational Thinking”, Benchmark Research Academic Symposium, 2010
“Economic Diversity at an Independent School” NBOA webinar, 2009
“The Falconer Model of Strategic and Creational Thinking”, US Military Academy West Point, 2009
“2007 NAIS Leading Edge Award for Financial Sustainability”, Benchmark Research Annual Meeting, 2007

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