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A Roadmap to the Future of Education

Takes a fresh look at our nation’s schools, eschewing the negativity so
often found in the world of education today.

Grant Lichtman

Grant Lichtman is an internationally recognized thought leader in the drive to transform K-12 education, Grant speaks, writes, and works with fellow educators to build capacity and comfort with innovation in response to a rapidly changing world.



How Schools Will Win the Education Revolution

Forward by Yong Zhao

Education is undergoing a period of dramatic evolution. The number of options families have for their children’s education is expanding at a rate never seen in human history. Schools that understand and deliver what families want and need will survive and thrive in the future; those that do not risk losing the critical mass of students they need to stay alive. This may not be the hand educators want, but it is the hand we have been dealt.

This book shows education and school community leaders:

  • The real roles of strategy and innovation
  • How to build and deliver on a cohesive and strong value proposition
  • The big tools of strategic design
  • Proven tools for bringing about organization-wide change in a department, school, or district
  • New and proven ways to engage with, understand, and measure what your community wants and needs
  • Ways to ignite and measure the impact of innovative projects in your school or district

PLUS, appendixes that include:

  • Proven, interactive, engaging activities that you can use with your own teams
  • Grant’s personal five-year archive “starter kit” list of schools, networks, conferences, and other resources where educators just like you are “doing school differently”.
  • Summaries of books that you may not have read that will help your team re-imagine how schools might work now and in the future.

Working With Schools

Forward-leaning educators face three really big questions if they hope to maintain relevancy for their schools in the future; I help them ask and answer these questions:

  • Why should schools change? For many, that train has left the station, but some school communities still need to make the case.
  • What will that change look like? For many, it is a transformed, student-centered “deeper learning” system that replaces a very outdated, Industrial Age, teacher-centric system.
  • How will we make the change? We know how good organizations make successful transformation. We have to adapt this knowledge and culture for the unique real-world conditions of schools.

When I work with school stakeholders, I tailor our work to a specific point on the innovation arc for each school or district, using a series of fast-paced, design thinking-based activities to help school teams:

  • Imagine futures that may look very different than the past.
  • Build a capacity and comfort with ongoing change
  • Develop an inclusive vision that represents the unique dreams and aspirations of their entire school community.
  • Align their precious resources—people, time, money, space, and knowledge—with their unique vision in a sustainable system of action plans.
  • Question the legacy assumptions that drive strategic plans and budgets.
  • Bust the silos that have separated us as educator-leaders in the past.
  • Connect to the rapidly expanding global neural network of knowledge creation and sharing.
  • Learn to embrace risk rather than fearing it

Here is what it looks like when I work with school teams:

Working With Schools

Working With Schools
Working With Schools
Working With Schools
Working With Schools
Working With Schools
Working With Schools
Working With Schools
Working With Schools Working With Schools Working With Schools Working With Schools Working With Schools Working With Schools Working With Schools

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