Student Reflection on 1st Ever Student-Created AP Course

I have been tracking the progress of the first-ever student-designed and accredited Advanced Placement course. The two author-students, Anya Smith and Emy Schaeffer at Mt. Vernon Presbyterian School in Atlanta, have finished the course for the year, and here is Anya’s video reflection.  I have asked these two student-scholar-pioneers to video in to several summer teacher institutes I am running in June and July so we can get a their voices in the discussion of what student-owned, student-centric learning can really look like.


3 thoughts on “Student Reflection on 1st Ever Student-Created AP Course

  1. Dan Kenley

    This is the most inspiring message I have heard in recent memory…it symbolizes the antidote to mainstream reform! Please let these two young ladies know that their work will permeate my teacher certification courses at Prescott College here in Arizona. I also intend to share your post with Dr. Elmore, a progressive thinker and professor at Harvard. This will be shared far and wide…thank you so much!!

    1. Grant Post author

      Thanks, Dan; all kudos to the young women who pioneered this path; you might want to connect with them directly. They are on Twitter and also can be reached via @MVIFI, the Mt. Vernon Institute for Innovation. I will make sure they read your comment!


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