Assessing Our Capacity for “Deeper Learning”

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Assessing Our Capacity for “Deeper Learning”

images-2I have added an important new arrow to my quiver.  What if you (if you are a school leader) or you and your teaching colleagues (if you are in the classroom most of the day) had a “map” of  your school’s overall affinity for “deeper learning”?

“Deeper learning” is the term that many of us are settling upon to describe a post-industrial, post-assembly line, student or learner-centric model of learning. It is a better term than “21st century” in that these are really timeless hallmarks of great learning.  Previously I had posted my summary list of the key elements of deeper learning gleaned from great work and sharing by many others.

So how might we use this?  I made a survey tool that takes 5-10 minutes for teachers to fill out, allowing them to self-assess where they are on many of these elements of deeper learning. Sure, it is subjective, but it allows us to do two things: each teacher can see where they assess with respect to all others on the team, and it allows us to encourage pairing of colleagues with complimentary strengths and weaknesses.  Right in your own “house” you have collegial resources who can help each other quickly, at virtually no expense, to “get better where I want to improve”.

We have used the survey tool once already, and I am looking forward to using it with other schools with whom I am working on longer-term contracts as we get into the intentional implementation of school change!

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  1. Ed Jones December 3, 2015 at 5:59 pm - Reply

    Grant, great concept!

    Since you didn’t link to the tool, I’m taking the summary list as the resource.

    It seems these might be grouped frequency to check:,
    Per class period (Get out of seats, Give students choice; focus on intrinsic motivation)
    Per day (Mix things up; value and reward curiosity)
    Weekly (Teachers have fun; students feel valued..)
    Monthly, quarterly (Explore a variety of cultures, the physical setup of the room is dynamic)


    • Grant December 3, 2015 at 6:04 pm - Reply

      Yep; I need to keep a couple of things in my quiver that I use to entice people to hire me! But of course anyone can replicate what I did pretty easily.

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