Convergence Center Publishes Major Agenda for School Transformation

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Convergence Center Publishes Major Agenda for School Transformation

The Convergence Center for Policy Resolution has published a major white paper that will help build gravity around the push to transform K-12 education.  Convergence has asked me, and many others, to act as ambassadors of this effort, and since I am on vacation, I am going to borrow heavily from their media guide.  I read the pre-final draft of this document, and support the vast majority of their findings; they closely mirror my findings and those of so many others who explore the vision of education from a very simple precept: the unburdened goal of great learning.  We simply MUST act now in the best interests of the rising generation of students.

The Convergence vision paper was

created by a remarkably ideologically diverse group of education practitioners, leaders, and advocates—including the presidents of the two largest teacher unions, leading advocates for charter schools, technology entrepreneurs, teachers, principals, and superintendents, education school leaders and foundation officers. The vision lays out a future where the current industrial-era system of education has been transformed into a truly learner-centered one. It is not a mandate or a blueprint. It offers a beacon toward which to aspire. It stands as a challenge and an invitation worthy of bringing communities—perhaps once divided—together in service of its fulfillment. Read the vision here. There is a movement emerging, and the vision creators now seek to accelerate the growth of this learner- centered education movement in partnership with many others. They’ve come together to launch Education Reimagined, an initiative of Convergence, and serve as its Advisory Board. Partnering with others, they are creating spaces for movement pioneers—practitioners, parents, learners, community members, policymakers, business, union and network leaders, and funders—to connect, share, learn, and create together and to reshape the public conversation.

I invite you to visit their website to read the vision, explore the stories of a few pioneers already on this journey, sign up to share your own pioneering story, learn more, and hear about upcoming opportunities to connect with other pioneers.

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