Design Thinking Primer: Stanford Virtual Crash Course

Is the term “design thinking” completely foreign to you?  Sort of heard about it and sort of know what it is? Want to get your toes wet?  In addition to following along here and on the Twitter feed for #fuse14 in the next few days, you might want to spend something less than an hour with this video: Stanford Design Thinking Virtual Crash Course from the Stanford  It is made for interactive groups, which would be great, but you can also watch by yourself and fast forward through the time gaps left for group work.  It will give you a sense of the stages and basic goals of design thinking, and would provide a great canvas upon which to contextualize what we see going on at #fuse14. (Also many other resources on the site for K-12 education.)

And it is also a great resource to share with your other school colleagues!

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