Does Most Innovation Happen on the Twitter Feed?

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Does Most Innovation Happen on the Twitter Feed?

I am scrolling through my Twitter feed and it is just JAMMED with pictures of engaged, excited students doing really cool things: coding, making, building, designing, filming, drawing, digging, serving, collaborating, speechifying, acting…etc.  Wonderful!  Now the provocateur in my comes out: how much of this is due to increased comfort of educators with Twitter and the camera on their phone?  How much is a real increase in the time that students are spending at a range of schools NOT sitting in rows of chairs? How much represents a real shift in the learning experience and how much is an artifact of sampling?

I have no idea.  What is important is that you, the site educator, has an idea.  In many of the schools I visit, these moments of “wow” and wonder and innovation are still isolated brushfires if we take them as a percentage of all students, and all the time they spend at school.

Easy to track, to graph, to follow!

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