Follow Ground-Breaking Team of 11 Atlanta Schools Re-Designing How We “Do” School

imgresFor those who don’t follow me on Twitter or are not on Twitter yet, I want to share a link to some powerful education transformation that took place yesterday and today in Atlanta.  A group of 11 public and private schools in Atlanta are gathering for a long-term design challenge on how they will meet the needs of their students today and in the future. They are working in partnership with the Stanford d.School and businessman/design thinking leader Scott Sanchez. I have been following their process and progress on Twitter…and so can you, either now or any time you feel like it. If you have a Twitter account (if you don’t it takes 2 minutes to set up), just enter #AK12DC, and when you get the “Results for #AK12DC” make sure you click the “All” option (not “Top”) right below the header.

Scroll through.  Click on the photos that are embedded in the Tweets. You will see that they are going through a LOT of post-it notes and designing actionable change for how they “do” school.  You will find some wonderful group prompts you can use with your school teams to help unwrap who you are and where you might find future value as educators. You will see how quickly and easily they are expanding their idea base…and then focusing on a few possible pilot options. And you can connect with some of the best educators I know and follow them on Twitter or share those connections with others at your school.

I urge you to follow their progress as they report findings and the way forward on the Atlanta K12 Design Challenge web site and blog.

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    For those of you who see the connection between design and 21st century education, you should check out Grant Lichtman’s blog all about the K12 Design Challenge in Atlanta. tlb


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