Horizon Report: Tomorrow is Already Here

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Horizon Report: Tomorrow is Already Here

The annual NMC Horizon Report for K12 schools, a comprehensive forecast of what technologies will most impact K12 education in the next 1-5 years. What I enjoyed seeing this year is that we are recognizing that technology will become less a driver of education than a facilitator of learning. I also think that the Horizon report is becoming less a forecasting tool and more a report of what is already solidly in place in so many schools that recognize we can’t reign back what our students naturally do outside of school hours and walls.

You can read the whole report or check out the summary video. Every one of these top six directions is in play at both public and private schools across America and around the world today. Like water, sunlight, gases, and cycling nutrients on a tropical reef, these are the elements that help our schools to become more permeable, dynamic, creative, adaptive learning ecosystems.  All we have to do is let them flow!


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