How Does TIME Support Innovation at Schools?

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How Does TIME Support Innovation at Schools?

I was honored to guest host the very popular #SatChatWC this morning (Saturday mornings, 7:30 am Pacific Time; hosted by Shelley Burgess and Dave Burgess of Teach Like a Pirate fame). It is a “west coast” chat, but always seems to have great representation from educators from pretty much every US and Canadian time zone.  My topic this morning was the interaction of TIME and innovation at schools.  It was a fast and wild sharing, with many great ideas about how we can use time better, more efficiently, more in support of innovative practices, and in support of deeper learning.  Here are the questions I posed; you can search the Twitter stream for the full discussion.

  • When do you find time to connect/network in ways that support innovative thinking, growth, and practice?
  • How does (doesn’t) your school support innovation by allocating time for it?
  • How might your school community use time more EFFICIENTLY? (To create time for collaboration and innovation?
  • How have you or your school re-allocated time to enhance deeper, better learning and richer student outcomes?
  • Is time at your school structured for the adults or the students? What might you do about that?
  • We all want more time. How would your teaching and learning world be better if you had more time? What are you willing to give up?

I noted that the last two questions, in particular seemed to provoke several participants to say they were going to take those back for discussion to their schools next week!

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