Independent School Leaders: Unique Collaboration Focuses on Strategic Sustainability

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Independent School Leaders: Unique Collaboration Focuses on Strategic Sustainability

I am proud and honored to help announce the launch of a unique 9-month collaboration amongst leaders of independent schools to take a new approach to the issue of long-term financial and market sustainability in these times of dramatic change. I have been asked by the partnership of the National Business Officers Association (NBOA) and Online School for Girls to act as the primary developer and facilitator of the program. Go here for more information and registration.

I am truly excited to spearhead this project.  Why address issues of common interest when we can work on them together? I have built in everything I have learned about strategic and creational thinking, financial sustainability, and the successes and failures of independent schools from more than 15 years in this industry, and research with dozens of schools and hundreds of school leaders.

If your school is thinking about, or should be thinking about, the future of independent school education in a time of rising costs, admissions challenges, and dramatic changes in the world of education, your leadership team should seriously consider joining forces with other school leadership teams to take a fresh look at:

  • What is changing in the world that requires successful schools to innovate?
  • How can you amplify your presence in a massively connected world?
  • Where is the real value of your school as viewed through the eyes of your customers?
  • How can you better align your resources with your value proposition?
  • How can you generate ideas that will lead to value-generating innovation?
  • Are you truly imagining future possibilities for your school?

Your school team will participate in a series of design-thinking based activities in both face-to-face and virtual online meetings with teams from other schools to:

  • Leverage our mutual brain power
  • Share successes and failures
  • Create a concrete roadmap to find new value in your school
  • Become familiar with virtual, team-based collaborations

Talk or forward to your school head and consider joining us for this program.  Teams will be led by heads of school, business officers, and other senior leaders.  These are not issues we are going to solve quickly or easily, but we sure have a better chance if we work as an industry network of leaders, not within our own silos.


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    Strategic planning for the future is essential for any organization especially independent schools across the country. Now, more than ever, independent schools must create strategic goals in order to ensure the fiscal health and well-being of these institutions. Many leaders are working to come up with real world solutions to questions of sustainability, and below is a great example of one way to collaboratively think about the future of our schools. tlb

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