Join the #EdJourney Discussion

Join the #EdJourney Discussion

Six boxes showed up at my door late yesterday, 50 copies of my new book, #EdJourney.  In 90,000 words I do my best to tell YOUR story of how schools are overcoming the enormous challenge of innovating to meet the needs of a rapidly changing world.  If you have followed my blog, hopefully you have already ordered a copy.

What I REALLY hope is that you find, as others already have, that there are lessons from schools all around the country that can be used right now by any teacher or administrator in your school. Hopefully you will see value in sharing the book with others, encouraging a wider reading amongst your team, discussion of what you find, and connection to other educators who are sharing the same paths.

If you note comments, reflect, or write a blog review, I will re-post and/or link to your blog. If you write a review on Amazon or another site, please let me know via Twitter or email and I will cite you.  If there is something that sticks out as particularly pithy or important, please Tweet it out or post a comment on this blog; I will respond!

Now I have to do my best to get the word out about the book; books don’t help anyone until they are read.  Any help you can provide to get OUR lessons on school innovation out are greatly appreciated!

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