Link to My Article in Independent School Magazine

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Link to My Article in Independent School Magazine

For those who do not follow me on Twitter or who may not have access to Independent School Magazine, I was tremendously honored to have my article included in the latest edition of this leading education publication.  I started writing this article in my mind about an hour after my remarkable visit with Shoshana Zuboff of the Harvard Business School last spring.  As it evolved it became (I hope) a window into the minds of some big and forward thinkers from off the traditional educator’s radar screen.  It also helped me to coalesce my understanding of a new set of lenses through which we can more effectively imagine the future of schools. I believe thought leaders like Zuboff, futurist Marina Gorbis, and systems engineer Adrian Bejan, who I summarize in the article, are as important to the forward-learning educator as more well-known and frequently-cited sources like Ken Robinson, Tony Wagner, and Clayton Christensen.


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