More Great Windows Into Deeper Learning via Pam Moran

c4ca0729298ce82c2ce65cad91d020b8_400x400If you are an educator interested in re-shaping the world of K-12 learning to prepare our students for the future, there are a few folks you just HAVE to follow, and one is Pam Moran. She does not blog often, but when she does, the posts are rich in both examples and links. Pam and Albermarle County Schools are proving that a transformed learning ecosystem IS scalable to large public schools with larger student:teacher ratios. I cited Pam and her team in #EdJourney, and I keep asking: if they can do it, why can’t others?

Read Pam’s latest blog here.

I particularly love the space for student-led art and music creation, and the passion shown by these kids for their learning:

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