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Review of New Book #EdJourney via Thought Leader Mark Crotty

8kivsgqbbuk77bhcpn0b_400x400Thoughtful leaders. There is a mouthful: thoughtful, leader, thought leader; those who are all three are rare, not because we lack “thought-lead DNA”, but often because we are consumed by busy lives and day jobs. I have frequently pointed Twitter followers to Mark Crotty, head of school at St. John’s Episcopal in Dallas who takes the time and thinking to share via his blog “To Keep Things Whole”. He posted a very thorough, generous, and insightful review of my new book, #EdJourney; here are just a few excerpts for which I am humbled and proud:

  • Part of the book’s power lies in how they are pulled together in such a comprehensive way. That creates a real sense of possibility and hope. It oozes optimism while posing clear challenges. That spirit is too often missing from schools. In that way Grant helps with one of the knottiest issues in changing schools: “reframing the mindset” of many educators
  • …much of the book encourages really big-picture, question-asking reflection and ideation.The book forces bigger thoughts than many educators often consider during their hectic days.
  • If I could pick one passage in the book to shout from every mountaintop, It would be this:

“Schools need to rebalance their portfolios to allow more experimentation and more risk that will generate long-term growth. If well-designed, this rebalancing yields an equilibrium between what the school has always done that made it successful in the first place and what they need to attempt to stay competitive in the long run”

  • Perhaps those people struggling with change and innovation will find inspiration and encouragement–perhaps even permission–through reading Grant’s book. They may see what can happen. What should happen. For those of us already on this journey with Grant, the book affirms we’re heading in the right direction.

And I can’t wait to get together with Mark and his faculty, staff, students and community when I spend a week in Texas later this school year!

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