Rich “First Review” of #EdJourney via Educator Michael Zavaga

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Rich “First Review” of #EdJourney via Educator Michael Zavaga

mRjN8FiR_400x400“Principal learner” at the Trinity School in Montgomery, Alabama Michael Zavada, has written a wonderful “first review” of my new book, #EdJourney.  He says it is a first review because he is biting off the book in smallish chunks and thinking as he goes. What a great “novel” strategy for good learning!  Here are a few excerpts from his review:

Lichtman’s book pays homage to those across America brave enough to educate for the unseen and who are not beholden to the way things have been.  The book is so powerful because he understands even more clearly what Peter Schwartz, writer of ‘Inevitable Surprises’ told us a decade ago.  The world is changing so fast;  we cannot possibly know what the future holds.

While the assembly line educational format of the past should not still control any longer in education, we should still look to an older model, that of the farmer, for our best practice in education.  Farming is hard work, like teaching.   Farmers ask great questions that when answered will make them successful with their future crops.  Lichtman writes: “Asking the right questions at the right time is critical to creating an effective process… it does no good to add more fertilizer if the problem is a plague of locusts” (198).

The book is so full of great illustrations from school leaders in different settings, that you are likely to find a peer with whom to relate each time you pick up the book and go to a new section.

Thanks, Michael, for the thoughtful read, and for sharing your key reflections!

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