Still Time to Sign Up For Groundbreaking NBOA Collaboration

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Still Time to Sign Up For Groundbreaking NBOA Collaboration

We know that one of the most powerful keys to effective innovation is the creation and leveraging of networks.  We know that bringing new ideas to our organization enriches our DNA.  We know that schools share common problems, and, as I found on #EdJourney last year, the problem that seems intractable at your school has been solved at the school down the road, and vice versa.  As educators we find power in sharing, not holding ideas tight to our chests.

All of which is why the ground-breaking collaboration we begin in March under the umbrella of NBOA is something your school team should strongly consider.  We are going to test the strategic assumptions  of independent schools and share ideas, generated through a lens focused on the future, not the past. This project is going to bust every silo we have in our schools.

We have a great group of about 18 school teams already signed up.  That is at least 18 teams that will expand your PLN over a nine-month collaboration, and beyond.  Take a look, or forward this on to your head of school or CFO.  Here is the NBOA page on the project and here is my first blog about it.

I can’t foretell the outcomes, but I sure as heck can foretell that we are going to ask some questions and share some ideas that none of the schools involved have ever tested before!

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