Take A Few Minutes of Class to Engage Gender Equality With Hermione Granger?

How might teachers and students learn and engage in the revolution supporting global gender equality?  How about this first step: what if classes around the country watched this short video of Emma (Hermione Granger) Watson addressing the UN; followed with a discussion; and gave the boys in the class (with enthusiastic support from the girls) an opportunity to ‘take the pledge’ on the He For She site. It is these small bites of learning, particularly at a young age, that form our “self” as we grow.  How might this short engagement build relevance in the minds of some of your students?  What is the next small bit you and they might find by bringing the real world and the classroom into a more perfect union?

HT Cassidy Lichtman for bringing this opportunity to my attention…and me to yours!

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