Three Chances to Hear Big Lessons From EdJourney at NAIS/NBOA

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Three Chances to Hear Big Lessons From EdJourney at NAIS/NBOA

If you will be attending NAIS/NBOA in Philadelphia this month; or please share with others at your school who are attending:

I will be giving three sessions the week of Feb 25th, my first public reports on the principle findings of my EdJourney across the United States this fall, visiting 64 schools to find out how they are changing to meet the challenges of the future.  Here are the session details:

NBOA Annual Meeting, Tuesday, Feb.26  10:30 AM  This presentation will focus on some of the business, operational, and risk elements that I gleaned from my trip, along with proposed areas of focus for schools that recognize that innovation is not an option.

NAIS 3-Hour workshop, Wednesday, Feb. 27, 1:00 PM   I am honored to co-present this active-learning session with three great educators: Don Buckley from The School at Columbia University, Jamie Baker from The Martin Institute for Teaching Excellence, and Jason Ramsden from Ravenscroft.  Participants will get a multi-level view of what change looks like and how it takes place at our schools with a number of video case study examples.  Participation is limited and sign-up in advance is required, so go to the NAIS conference site to register.  Here is the workshop description:

TED Talks share “ideas worth spreading” and have reached audiences well beyond the TED conference since being posted online in 2006. In that spirit, we will share a collection of stories through Revolutionary Education Videos or REV Talks. These stories, which involve school programs and approaches from across our country, can be incorporated and improved upon by your school. Stories shared will include: viewing detailed examples of revolutionary ideas in practice; hearing how the ideas began and then became programs in process; learning about how to lead innovative ideas; discussing patterns of successful project design and implementation.
NAIS Presentation: Friday, March 1, 1:30 PMSchools of Today: (On) the Highway of School Innovation:    This presentation will be the first major summary of my trip directed towards teachers and academic administrators.  I have gone through hours and hours of video interviews and collected highlights to present, so you will hear not just from me, but also from some of the great educators and students I met during my school visits. If you enjoyed my blog during the trip, I think you will really learn from this high-level synthesis of lessons from the road.Hope to see you in Philly, and if you are not coming, please pass this along to others you know who will be there.  Thanks! 


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