Warm, Wonderful Praise for The Falconer From a Teacher

Just finished . Pretty sure my life (& career) will never be the same. So in love with every word.  Thanks, Grant!

Pretty nice to come home to that Tweet from Erica DeVoe, a 9-12 teacher from Westerley, R.I.

falconerSome wonderful colleagues have told me that my first book, The Falconer: What We Wish We Had Learned in School stumps them; others have told me it has changed life and career. One of my closest colleagues, Bo Adams tells me it will be better understood in 20-50 years.

I know the key messages work, because when I get together with students, ranging from 3rd grade to post-graduate, they “get it”. And almost all of what we talk about in terms of problem finding, problem solving, questioning routines, design thinking, and creational thinking is very overtly on display for all ages to embrace.

So maybe give it a try!  Thanks Erica!

2 thoughts on “Warm, Wonderful Praise for The Falconer From a Teacher

  1. Darren Bramen

    Grant thank you for coming to Shipley and giving our students, educators and wider community some extra fiberous thinking to gnaw on. I appreciate you taking time away from your own family in California to improve the inner lives of our own family members. Darren


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