We All Have 3 Mins a Day to Help a Colleague Grow!

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We All Have 3 Mins a Day to Help a Colleague Grow!

A couple of years ago, Bo Adams told me that at Mt. Vernon Presbyterian School they decided to turbocharge instructional rounds by asking each teacher to visit another classroom for a quick three-minute pass-by observation, followed by a feedback Tweet to a common hashtag. I loved this idea and have shared it a number of times with this prompt: how much more would you love working at a school where teachers went from “Oh, no, I am being observed today” to “Bummer; how come no one visited my room this week?”

I shared this idea at a workshop at the McGehee School in New Orleans sponsored by the Independent Schools Association of the Southwest last month, and today, teacher Julee LaPorte shared with me that she and colleagues created this cool, simple, playful “Observation Bingo for school-wide pass-bys”.  


I love it when ripples spread, in, around, and amongst schools. Steal this one, get some colleagues at your school to participate. Just share with each other a couple of goals you have for developing deeper learning in your classroom, and ask your colleagues friends to stop in and give you some feedback! I know we are all pressed for time, but really…don’t you have. Let the team at McGehee know how it goes!

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