What If Our School Plans Fail to Reflect What We Really Want?

What would schools look like if educators could challenge, change, or discard something significant at their school?  As many of you know I have challenged a wide variety of educators to contributed to a crowd-sourced knowledge base by asking “What if…?” questions that reflect this kind of expansive thinking.  Over the last 15 months I have gathered about 2,000 of these comments from more than 1,700 educators, including a smallish percentage of parents and students.

I have started to synthesize the results of this effort, and am in the process of writing an article for Independent School Magazine. I don’t want to spoil that reporting, but here is a teaser: the VAST majority of ideas fall into categories that are not only forward looking, but generally either under-represented in many, in not most, school strategic plans!  More to come.



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