Whew! The Jetstream of Innovation is Blowing Hard!

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Whew! The Jetstream of Innovation is Blowing Hard!

Been too busy to blog, so have been Tweeting out thoughts and connection resources, but for those of you still not active on Twitter (just do it), quick connections:

Go to Twitter and search #MVPsubd.  Make sure you click “All” so you see the full feed.  Skim the feed for yesterday and today.  Now, ask yourself : is YOUR school using their start of year PD days as fully as possible? Depth, range, busted silos, getting on the same page, pedagogy…you name it, they are pounding it at Mt. Vernon Presbyterian.

What are you doing Wed evenings at 9 PM ET? Join the design thinking Twitter chat at #DTK12Chat.  Quick, fast, loads of ideas about how to explode the linear assembly line of traditional schools.  If nothing else, in one hour you can fill up your PLN with forward-looking, diverse thinkers who are putting 21C learning in place in their classrooms, right now. Each is a lead to a brushfire that right now, this moment, is not part of your knowledge base.

I just spent an hour on the phone with Michael Ebeling, head of Summit School in Raleigh Durham…and an hour yesterday with a company interested in mining learning outcomes to develop rigorous adaptive learning systems…and interviewed Bo Adams and Jill Gough on Synergy 8 for the Chapter of my book on Schools Becoming More Creative…and two days with senior leadership of the 35,000 student Poway Unified adopting 90-day rapid cycle innovation practices…and on and on.  The Jetstream of educational transformation is real!


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