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Conversation on Innovation with StartEdUp

For most of you who follow my blog, the conversation I had with Don Wettrick and Hunter Stone yesterday will likely be old hat.  That is because you are on the leading edge! Perhaps there are others at your school who are now ready to transform to a deeper learning share! Don and Hunter [...]

Digging Deeply Into “Portrait of a Teacher”

A thoughtful colleague at one of my client schools (anonymous now but not for long) wants to create a "portrait of a teacher" for and with her faculty.  It is a great challenge: we need to know what we are aiming for if we want to hit it.  She sent me some proposed questions for [...]

“We Are Not a Class; We Are a Start-up!”

The way Bo Adams tells it, a couple of weeks ago they had a large group of visitors touring the iDiploma Hive at Mt. Vernon Presbyterian School, meeting with one of the student cohorts who are working in teams on various self-selected, long-term design and development projects.  A cell phone range and one of the [...]

Great Video Series This Fall on Election 2016 via Stanford University

In this turbulent and historic election season, how might we engage students in the process as a great learning experience?  Stanford University is offering a course this fall that brings together a pantheon of experts on the political process to digest and discuss, in panel format and through seven sessions, the election.  It is all [...]

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Educators Speak Out: What Does it Mean to be a “Leading” or “Significant” School?

Pizza always helps thinking! What is your school's aiming point? What do you want for your school in the future?  Have you had this discussion? Does your community know what the words you use actually mean?  If not, how can you aim at, and intersect, a distant target? Many schools use words like [...]

Recommending Zoom over Skype

I rarely if ever endorse a product, but I am finding a number of us switching to Zoom from Skype for video chats.  I don't know why, but the quality of the experience, in terms of both clarity of the video feed and vastly fewer glitches and freeze-ups, is much better with Zoom.  You can have [...]

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What Do “Great” and “Leading” Mean to Your School?

What does it mean to be a great school? If you work at a school that is not struggling to survive, there is a good chance that the message you and your colleagues, perhaps even your parent community, tries to communicate, is "we are a great school".  There is nothing wrong with that; we should [...]

Educators Love to Share and Steal

A tidbit from the last chapter of my upcoming book: The great news is that education does not need to remain stuck in the past. There are many, many examples of individuals, schools, and districts that have found ways to push past the crippling inertia that has imprisoned so many others in a system that [...]

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