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Educators Love to Share and Steal

A tidbit from the last chapter of my upcoming book:

The great news is that education does not need to remain stuck in the past. There are many, many examples of individuals, schools, and districts that have found ways to push past the crippling inertia that has imprisoned so many others in a system that no longer meets the needs of our children.  The really great news is that none of us have to do it all on our own. Education holds THE biggest lever of actual innovation, something that even Silicon Valley doesn’t have. We are the best when it comes to sharing and stealing. We freely share and steal with and from each other all the time; we want to give away what works best!  All we need is the “effective density” to do that, not impersonally by posting to some website, but personally, where we can ask questions and get answers from other real, practicing peers who are solving the same problems we face.

Look to examples near you where effective density of innovative people and ideas is starting to evolve.  That is where you want to be, and that is the space in which you want your school to live.  There are more than you might think; seek them out and join.  Help press a lever of change.

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