Pennsylvania Dutch Country Holds Many Lessons for Wisdom Road

If you take the interstate across southern Pennsylvania, you miss the chance to stop for a loaf of bread at the Wild Goose Grocery in Intercourse; you probably won’t see the Amish farmer outside the small burg of Bird-in-the-Hand standing on his wooden disk plow, pulled by stout, tawny horses, six abreast; or the 10 [...]

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Down East Maine on Wisdom Road

Margie Patlak, in her book about Down East,  More Than Meets the Eye, writes: “To be grateful for the opportunity to walk on this earth and be mesmerized by all its ephemeral wonders and mysteries: the thin ribbon of fog suspended in midair; the glittery dance of wind and light on the water; the intricate [...]

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Our World Needs a New Taxonomy of Learning Imperatives

As we get ready for the new school year, I want to share this with you in case you did not see it at the beginning of summer. I won't re-state my argument here; just click through to this article that I published in June via Next Gen Learning Challenge.  The big question that I [...]

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Incredible: Top Urban Restaurant Staff All Formerly Incarcerated

Infectious passion at the intersection of redemption, hope, pride, and great food radiates off of Brandon Chrostowski like heat from the embers of a well-banked camp fire.  In 2007 Brandon founded a culinary institute, and in 2013 added  Edwins, a high end French restaurant in a downtrodden section of Cleveland with the unlikely business plan [...]

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Timeless Wisdom of a Back Country Ranger

Living in a natural world, you have to be honest. There's no place for contrived illusions. In June of a normal year, the Merced River flows out of Yosemite Valley in an impressive, but well-behaved tumble of white water, over and through the jumble of granite boulders left behind when the glaciers receded after carving [...]

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Designing For Civility

A key takeaway from Wisdom Road is not a surprise:  America has seen a dramatic loss of civil discourse in the last decade.  The skills and practice of civility itself have become endangered by a toxic stew of political, social, and opinion-masquerading-as-news media. I believe that the very foundations of our democratic society are rooted [...]

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More Gems From Southern Louisiana

So many great people and interviews; too much to synthesize and post thoughtully, so just a few great quotes from the last two days in southern Louisiana: From Darrell Bourque, former Poet Laureate of Louisiana, and current poet/writer: "I was at Northside High School in Lafayette when they first integrated in 1967. Their idea of [...]

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