72 Hours of Lightening In a Bottle

This is how schools transform. Last spring, the community of Lake Ridge Academy gathered to imagine the pieces of their future-focused North Star. It came together as a 1 1/2 page draft with three main pillars that will differentiate the school from any other in the area. Last week they shifted gears to early-stage implementation [...]

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What Unites and Divides Us?

Is America really "one nation", indivisible? Has it ever been? It is a remarkable question, made more important as we suffer the impact of decades of increasing divisiveness in our economic, civic, and political environments. And it is a question at the heart of what pushes me to travel along Wisdom Road starting next month. [...]

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Keys to Great School Building Designs

The vast majority of the 250 schools I have visited over the last decade were designed and built with little alignment to what many of use believe is the future of learning. School communities have spent vast treasure building learning spaces that re-enforce an industrial model of education that should have been retired thirty or [...]

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New Wisdom Road Collaborators!

I could never launch and accomplish the audacious goals of Wisdom Road without people and organizations willing to collaborate and support my work in different ways. Just this week, the list of collaborators has grown significantly to include: Education ReImagined and Next Generation Learning Challenges: helping others "join" the journey by pushing out and co-branding [...]

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My Wisdom Road Home Starting This Fall

A year of research, watching a thousand YouTube videos, and lots of discussion with my wife, Julie, but we finally landed on what I hope is the perfect RV for my Wisdom Road journeys. Small enough to drive and handle myself with little worry; big enough for both of us when Julie joins me for [...]

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The Delta School: A Learning Model for Rural Education?

Education and rural American have always been symbiotic.  In the 19th century, small towns built one-room school houses, and land grant colleges created the foundations for what are now many of the most thriving cities in the country.  Today that symbiosis is under severe threat.  Most education systems in rural America are underserved and under-supported; [...]

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Join Me on Wisdom Road!

If you follow my social media at all, you know I am getting ready to launch a big, daunting, exciting, new project, #EdJourney on steroids: #WisdomRoad.  I won't repeat the details here; the short one-pager in on my new website landing page, and a short launch article was published last week by my "communications partner", [...]

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A Model for Real World Learning Partnerships

Is your school, like so many others, thinking of leveraging community partnerships for real world, student-choice learning?  If so, read on! About four years ago, Legacy Christian Academy in Frisco, TX launched their Professional Schools Program (PSP) in grades 9-12.  I visited them just before the launch, and revisited yesterday to get an update.  You [...]

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One School Tackles the Patriarchy Head On

If you want your school to be considered a "leader", but you're not sure exactly what that might look like, here it is: Whatever strides towards empowering women and girls that K-12 has made over the past few decades, and there have been many, it is not enough.  Many post-secondary futures are highly gender-imbalanced.  The [...]

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