Brief Interlude: Kindness

Sometimes you find kindness at a repair shop. On the outskirts of El Paso, an engine warning came on; no big deal; oil level a bit high and maybe I needed to drain a half quart. Found a diesel shop; nice supervisor; said checking the problem would just take a few minutes. "The [...]

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Differences Bridged By Listening and Respect

Tubac, Arizona is just 25 miles from the Mexican border.  For centuries it has been at the heart of the borderlands, rich in multicultural traditions and influences.  Over time the border itself has been fluid, ephemeral, and often arbitrary.  Currently, this area of the border is one of the most active in terms of commerce, [...]

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Civility: The Overlooked But Most Important 21st Century Skill?

For more than two decades, forward-leaning educators have focused on a set of skills that for some reason all started with the letter "C": creativity, critical thinking, communication,  collaboration, etc.  I want to add another "C" to that list, one, I would argue, that will be more important to the world going forward than all [...]

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Gratitude Is the Fuel of Wisdom Road

A colleague (Gardner Barrier, head of school at Forsyth Country Day School in Winston-Salem) asked me this week if I felt gratitude was a motivator for my Wisdom Road journey.  In that moment and from that question I realized that gratitude is probably the principle driver on this complex, challenging, and frequently uncomfortable project.  I [...]

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Global Impact of School Transformation Pioneers

How the mighty ripples of school transformation have spread! I just spent two weeks working with Unity Grammar, a K-12 co-ed Islamic faith-based school in Sydney, Australia.  Yes, the clothing is different, and prayer time more frequent, but the hospitality, generosity, and fervor with which these edu-leaders want to change the traditional model of education [...]

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Failure Of An Icon?: The Nuclear Family

Is the nuclear family, an icon of the 20th century American dream, a failed human experiment? Hidden within the seven weeks I spent on Leg 1 of Wisdom Road this fall was a feature of rural America that is becoming as extinct as the buffalo that once roamed the plains: large, extended families.  As I [...]

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McGillis School: Living Their Mission of Values-Based Education

The guiding values of McGillis School, in Hebrew and English A visit to the McGillis School in Salt Lake City has made a fine end to Leg 1 of Wisdom Road.  McGillis is a K-8 school with several very interesting and almost unique elements that I think make it a sure bet to [...]

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Wisdom Road Day 46: Sunday Morning On the Standing Rock

Somewhere on this Sunday morning, church bells ring to call the faithful to kneel before a stained glass reprieve.   There ain't nothin' short of dyin'Half as lonesome as the soundOn the sleepin' city sidewalksSunday mornin' comin' down Kris Kristofferson My God, the hues and textures of autumn grassy plains tipped by low morning sunlight, [...]

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