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Brief Interlude: Kindness

Sometimes you find kindness at a repair shop.

On the outskirts of El Paso, an engine warning came on; no big deal; oil level a bit high and maybe I needed to drain a half quart. Found a diesel shop; nice supervisor; said checking the problem would just take a few minutes. “The burrito lady just pulled in and all the guys are getting their morning snack.”

Outside, a middle-aged Hispanic woman had her hatchback open; who needs a big, expensive food truck!   I have never gone wrong with home made Mexican food, so I asked her what might be good for my dinner tonight.  “I have albondigas soup that has a little chile and vegetables, and some burritos and some quesadillas.”

I bought some soup and a quesadilla, still warm and wrapped in foil, but in the exchange of money and the quesadilla, I fumbled the handoff and dropped it on the ground. I picked it up in less than a second; no harm at all.  She immediately wanted to take it back and give me another. “No, no”, I said, “It was my fault and not dirty at all, no problem!”

I put the food in my RV.  She started to leave in her car and then stopped, got out, and brought me over another quesadilla.  “Throw that one out, here is a good one.”  “No, I said, really, it is fine and it was my fault, not yours. You need to sell that one to someone else.”  She put it in my hands.  “Please take it; God has been good to me.”.

What do you say to that?  I am sorry for trying to place a dollar value on your kindness? I took it and she drove off.  I would have done the same if I were her, as would you.  I have been upset all day that  simple kindness seemed unusual, not the norm.

One of the workers drained a bit of oil from my engine; all fixed. The supervisor waved off my attempt to pay and wished me a safe trip. I slipped the worker ten bucks.  I love finding good people. Why don’t we all see each other this way all the time? Oh, and everyone in that shop was either first or second generation from the other side of the border.

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  1. Gary February 8, 2023 at 9:28 pm - Reply

    Love your finding and sharing Kindness in El Paso. It’s everywhere if we look in the right places. Would that more would do the same, it’s what could change the world.

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