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Sometimes Evolution is Not Pretty

Evolution is messy, dangerous, and rough (the opposite of smooth). Some of those who clamber to join the bandwagon of "learning is an ecosystem" look at the world through rose-tinted glasses, where ecosystems are healthy, the grass is lush, all of the denizens eat well, get fat, and die peacefully.  Too bad that is not [...]

Thinkabit Lab in San Diego: Lighting Fires of Innovation and Imagination

A place where students can gain self awareness into their unique value; where they can see how they might make a positive impact on the world; and where they can tinker to learn about interests they may never have uncovered.  Sounds to me like a darn good mission statement for any school!  These are the guiding [...]

School Innovation Trajectories: Steep Curves or a Quantum Step?

Hitting a moving target is all about aim, velocity, and trajectory.  When NASA fires off a satellite to intersect with an asteroid, they need to accurately calculate where that little rock will be a few years from now. If they are wrong in those calculations, and if the satellite has booster rockets, they can make [...]

Why Tesla REALLY Matters For School Leaders

Tesla took orders totaling more than $14 billion for their new car one week. There are a number of other electric and hybrid cars on the market and coming soon, and some with arguably better range and price point.  The analogy to Apple computers should be lost on no one. What Elon Musk did [...]

My Vodcast Series with “Project 2051”

I have been recording a series of short (10 minutes or so) conversations with Garth Nichols and Justin Medved, two educators in Toronto, as they and their interscholastic group of colleagues, and the Canadian Association of Independent Schools, use #EdJourney as one guide in their conversations around changing schools.  If you are looking for a [...]

The Battle Between Trust and Fear

In a battle of fear and trust, trust needs a great hand to win. This morning's always-provocative #satchatwc, hosted by Shelley Burgess, on the nature of trust, generated a rapid and steady stream of great, targeted, and pithy advice about how leaders can build trust in their organizations.  There were powerful quotes from Stephen Covey and [...]

Do We See the Waterfall Ahead?

When we benchmark against other schools, are we focusing on the river or on the banks? Assessing how well an organization is meeting its mission is a difficult job. Most organizations compare themselves against other similar organizations with similar missions following the logic that measuring against an "average" or a "best in class", tells us how [...]

Another View of Strategic Design in Schools

Strategic design is the term I have coined for an inclusive, transparent, imaginative, and transformative process that builds real capacity for innovation and change in schools. Have another glance, this time at The Bolles School in Florida. Sure, the video is a bit of a sales pitch for the school, but imagine this kind of [...]