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How Does TIME Support Innovation at Schools?

I was honored to guest host the very popular #SatChatWC this morning (Saturday mornings, 7:30 am Pacific Time; hosted by Shelley Burgess and Dave Burgess of Teach Like a Pirate fame). It is a "west coast" chat, but always seems to have great representation from educators from pretty much every US and Canadian time zone.  My [...]

What is Your School’s “Extra Chunky”?

Does your school have the courage to invest in the extraordinary? That was the thesis question posed by independent thought and practice leader, Tim Fish of McDonogh School last week at the NAIS conference. I have known Tim for more than ten years, but had never seen him present. It was so succinct, so precise, and [...]

Vodcast: How We Can Reimagine “Time” in Schools

In my ongoing conversation with Canadian schools on how they can best change to meet the needs of the future, here is my second weekly vodcast with Garth Nichols and Justin Medved.  We talked about how schools view "time", and how they can re-imagine use of time to better meet their learning goals. Follow along [...]

Very Big Deal: Busting the Dam of College Admissions

For educators, this might be one of those moments you remember for many years to come: when you heard that we are going to radically change and improve how we break down the dam to school innovation that we call the college admissions process.  You heard it here first! Yesterday at the NAIS annual conference, Scott [...]

Follow Canadian School Leaders as They Imagine #Project2051

I am really excited to have connected with colleagues in Canadian schools who are taking a truly hard, sustainable, and determined look at the future of schools.  The Canadian Association of Independent Schools new Project2051, brings together many educators and thinkers from outside of education to wipe the board clean, imagine what schools might look like in [...]

Giving People the Option to Get Off the Bus

How can a school leader invite faculty and staff who want to align to the vision to stay, and "dis-invite" others to leave? This is one of the thorniest, least comfortable parts of transforming a school, and many leaders avoid the discomfort and potential disruption until retirements make it moot.  But that is not what is needed. [...]

Next Generation Strategic Planning: Strategic Design

If your school is still doing strategic planning the same way you did five or ten years ago, you are robbing your community of perhaps its most powerful opportunity for the future. What does inclusive, collaborative, imaginative, design-based strategic thinking amongst a community of educators look like? Check out this post from Trinity Episcopal School in [...]

Students are Our Hidden Strategic Resource

If you are not using your high school students as strategic partners, you are absolutely leaving a valuable resource on the bench. Every time I work with students in design mode, inviting them into the process of designing  how to align teaching and learning more closely with the skills and content that is most valuable [...]

Can a School Dramatically Re-Tool in Just 6 Months?

How long does it take to really change a school?  I have previously written that "organic" percolation of ideas might require 12-15 years before we see true system-wide change. Even highly intentional processes need 3-5 years to really take root. What if we shortened our horizon to 6 months?  Is it possible?  Have courage; it's [...]