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Culture First

A theme that comes up in every school I work with, and again today:

Change at schools does not start with a shift in the daily schedule, the individuals in the room, the classrooms in which we teach, or a curriculum scaffold.  Those will come in time.  But first, change is about culture.  It is about an organization that has largely been focused for decades on the transfer of knowledge from teachers to students, shifting to an organization that is focused on learning how and what to be in a world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity, and opportunity.

We have to learn that culture. We have to build both the comfort to exist in that culture and the capacity to make it work.  This happens through the processes of great learning that educators know better than anyone, including Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.  We have to get our hands dirty in the processes of innovative change.  This takes a bit of time and some bandwidth, and a minority of the folks in your school will not want to spend either.  Most will.  But if you don’t have the nutrients of culture, all of the seeds you plant are going to die, not matter how right they are in theory.

Don’t jump to solve the big problems you see until you know you have built some capacity for the seeds to actually grow.  Remember the logic model!! Culture starts with building backwards from the impact we want our school to have on students and the world, not arguing about minutes in the daily schedule.



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