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Praise for #EdJourney From Teacher for Teachers

fCLmPG9o_reasonably_smallInnovation in schools occurs when “regular, like-able people” can engage the process in a trusting, supportive environment.  In her review on Amazon of #EdJourney, 4th grade teacher Lisa Goochee, now teaching in Brazil after global experiences from Philly to China, finds those common elements of successful innovation that are available to every educator-leader:

…showcases how regular, like-able people are innovating across schools in the USA

…shows how schools are “getting comfortable with discomfort” and are building high-trust working climates where redistributed leadership is embraced, if not essential, in the re envisioned educational worldview.

…educational explorations serve to glue us all together as we all seek “innovation” on our personal and communal journeys, rather than stratify us by the contextual variables that often otherwise differentiate us.

In short: real people with practical solutions are innovating together. Grant shows a path ahead.

Thanks, Lisa, for the read, reflection, and perspective of the teacher. If #EdJourney is accessible and directly usable for teachers, I have achieved the main objective when I left my driveway in 2012!

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