Some Suggested Summer Reading

Last week, colleague Glenn Whitman at St. Andrew’s Episcopal shot out an email to a number of us asking for recommendations for good summer reading reflections for his faculty.  I thought I would compile the responses as I know this is going to add to my own iPad library this summer.  Also, for any of you who are encouraging your faculty to start/grow their own professional learning on social media, following and interacting with this list of educational thought leaders via their blogs and Twitter would be a marvelous place to start. Most of them filter and pass on recommended readings of articles and books, saving your people a lot of time.  I guarantee that a few minutes a week with them is some of the most efficient growth time your colleagues can spend!

Jonathan Martin started with:

Carol Dweck: Mindset

Parker Palmer: Courage to Teach

Sarah Lawrence Lightfoot: The Good High School

Peter Elbow: Embracing Contraries

Ron Berger: Ethic of Excellence

Tim Fish added:

Ken Bain: What the Best College Teachers Do

Richard Sheridan: Joy, Inc.

 Chris Thinnes added:

Deborah Meier: The Power of Their Ideas

Carlina Rinaldi in Making Learning Visible 

Lawrence Smith added:

Wooden: A Lifetime of Observations and Reflections On and Off the Court, by John Wooden and Steve Jamison

The Headmaster’s Papers, by Richard Hawley

Getting Schooled: The Reeducation of an American Teacher, by Garret Keizer

Bob Dillon added:

Seth Godin: Stop Stealing Dreams

I added:

 Tuning In: Mindfulness in Teaching and by McHenry and Brady

The Art of War

Fisher and Urey: Getting to Yes.

Charles James added:

Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard by Chip and Dan Heath.

Change by Design by Tim Brown,

Jonah Lehrer: I Imagine and How We Decide

Jill Gough added:

David Kelley: Creative Confidence

Steve Long-Nguyen: What If?: Short Stories to Spark Diversity Dialogue

Elizabeth Hebert: The Power of Portfolios

Thanks to all for these helpful suggestions!



0 thoughts on “Some Suggested Summer Reading

  1. Jonathan Martin

    Thanks for sharing this Grant. I’d only offer the small caveat that my list (and perhaps those of others) was offered in response to a very specific request, summer reading “about the importance of reflection or a related book that would connect to the spirit of the self-study.” Now, all these titles are great, but I wouldn’t want my list to be seen as necessarily my most highly recommended summer reading titles in general.


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