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Stack O’ Books!

IMG_2479Am I a little excited/stoked by this photo?  Yes!  Faculty at Trinity School in Atlanta were given five book titles to choose from for their summer reading.  Theme: the Art of Questioning.  Not gonna disclose the other titles, but you can see a couple of them. My book, The Falconer, was selected by more than the other books!

Is this because Jill Gough, Director of Learning and Teaching at Trinity has been one of my most steadfast believers for several years? Probably.  Is it because there is actually a chapter in my book called “The Art of Questioning”? Maybe.  Who cares!

Two things I know: I started writing that book a LONG time before others who are talking about the critical role of things like questioning and problem finding; 1990 to be precise.  And I think mine is the only one that has sections that are guaranteed to be understandable to third graders who, after all, are the ones who need to be learning these skills.

Thanks, Trinity!

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