Project Zero, $100K Fund for Teachers, Coming to Memphis

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Project Zero, $100K Fund for Teachers, Coming to Memphis

Martin Institute Logo Final GlossyOne of the reasons I agreed to work closely with The Martin Institute for Teaching Excellence in the future is that they really know how to swing a bat. And here is a great example.

The Martin and Presbyterian Day School have agreed to bring the widely-acclaimed Project Zero of Harvard, in conjunction with the Center for the Advancement and Study of International Education (CASIE), to Memphis, to make it more accessible to teachers and administrators who just do not have the time and budget to get on a plane and spend half a week in the north-east.  Now, in addition to bringing Project Zero for a three-day conference next February, The Martin has created a $100,000 fund to help pay for attendance by public school teachers and leaders from the Memphis region. That is swinging the bat.

Educators who have participated in Project Zero in the past report that it has fundamentally changed their outlook on how and what they teach.  It has given them the confidence to drill down on their traditional teaching style and rebuild it in line with outcomes that are more relevant to their students’ futures.

Memphis is not an easy place to transform schools, which is precisely why it is the right place to bring resources like Project Zero.  Like The Martin Institute, I am not interested in tackling the easy problems!

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