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Thanks for clicking in!

Thanks for taking a minute to click to my new blog site.  I hope you will subscribe to the RSS feed or email updates; I know I have been powerfully impacted since I started keeping up with a select group of education and innovation bloggers in the last year.  It is a fabulous way to tap into what others are thinking without taking too much time out of your busy schedule.

I will be writing mostly about schools and innovation within our system of education.  I have been spending a great deal of time in deep reading and will relay thoughts on the top ideas that I find from others about how we can most effectively offer transformational education to our students, and what that means in terms of school finance and operations. I will also try to use the 30,000+ hours I have spent in implementing change across just about every aspect of school life to help bridge that difficult gap between educators who are great at teaching but maybe not trained in how to implement change, and the change/innovation folks who maybe don’t fully grasp why schools are not like other businesses.

I hope you will add to the conversation, and thanks for checking in and (hopefully) following my blog.

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