The Best Short Start-of-Year Read I Can Share

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The Best Short Start-of-Year Read I Can Share

Like many of you, I have taken the summer off from at least part of my “day job”: blogging. I led several summer institutes and am getting my new book finalized for delivery in October, but I got lazy here on the blog front.  And that is sort of going to continue as I ease back into the new school year. My first blog back, is, well, not mine.

I tried to think of the right message for the start of the school year, and just can’t do better than the blog my daughter, Cassidy wrote last week.  As you will see in the opening, I did have a part to play, but the message is hers, and it is profound.  I can’t think of a better, short, school-opening pre-read for both faculty and students, all all ages, than “Holding the Line”, an insight into learning what is really important, finding our heroes and passions, and making a difference in a world that really, really needs it.  Share it onward!


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