Building Interdisciplinary Capacity and (not in) Schools

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Building Interdisciplinary Capacity and (not in) Schools

Check out blog by Thomas Steele-Malley on development of interdisciplinary programs; very rich in links to those schools who are leading the way.  In particular, this video about a group of schools in Wisconsin, Interdisciplinary Learning Collaborative, is a treat. It reminded me of my visit to Meridian Academy in Boston. What a great idea: start with what we WANT to teach and how students WANT to learn, and build the program from there. I hope to interview some of the folks involved with these schools and report back. Sure we need to see how these scale up, but there are so many examples of schools making these shifts that I think greater scalability is inevitable.  The limiting factor on this kind of educational system may very well be the capacity of the adults in the system to adopt and adapt to the ecosystem paradigm.

I wish I had made it to Wisconsin on #EdJourney! Wouldn’t you rather teach in this system?


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