Building New Value Looks Like…

Building New Value Looks Like…

This is the kind of response that will jumpstart a new kind of design-based collaborative thinking at your school…and sure makes my day! From one of the 28 school teams engaged in our 9-month NBOA/OSG hybrid collaboration on imagining and building a more sustainable future.  (If we run the program again next year, I think we might call it “Building Capacity for Sustainable Change”):

… wanted to share that we are so excited about being on this journey with you and the other schools who are participating!  The two of us have enjoyed going through the exercises together, and we look forward to expanding this conversation more broadly at (our school).

The discussion was fabulous today.  This kind of collaboration is new for us, so I think that everyone was a little tentative at first in regard to what to expect.  But the discussion was so rich that we are sure that the value of what were are doing is clear to all!

This month the teams have engaged in a series of thought-generating activities that help ID a schools unique strengths, internal and external connectivity, and their current innovation posture.  All of the activities are short, collaborative, and lead towards building an enormous bank of ideas for developing opportunities for future value. With more feedback like this, it is pretty clear that these schools will discover some new opportunities…and some new ways to build on their vision as an all-school team.

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  1. mmreesescott May 8, 2014 at 3:15 pm - Reply

    Pretty powerful stuff right there…

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