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Rich Resource: “Loving Learning” by Late Tom Little

As we search, dig, and devise ways to make K-12 education more relevant to the demands of the 21st Century, do we overlook what has been working for the last 100 years? Are the answers right in front of us? Many of us argue that this is, indeed, the case, but few have made the case [...]

Hard Data From Our Classrooms

How are we doing on the path to deeper learning? At the ASCD gathering in Houston I sat in on a presentation by McRel International, the large education consulting group out of Denver.  They shared some fascinating data, and with their permission I am sharing some highlights with you.  Over the last decade, McRel consultants have [...]

Replace “Library” With “Portal of Idea Flow”?

Many schools are thinking about the function of a library. Some are focusing on changing the library to an innovation lab or makerspace or combination of those. Before rushing to this REALLY big, expensive decision, schools should think deeply about what purpose libraries have served in the past, and how those functions will manifest in [...]

Free Teacher-Support PD Resource via Sanford Inspire Program

Keep an eye on the evolution of a powerful new FREE teacher PD resource, the Sanford Inspire Program, out of Arizona State University.  Funded by entrepreneur and philanthropist Denny Sanford, they are in the process of building an impressive line-up of free online modules to support teachers, particularly those early in their careers.  The modules [...]

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A View Into Transformed Learning at Public Design 39 Campus

Can a non-charter public school in California, with near-the-bottom public funding per student, truly transform learning?  As you know I have been closely following Design 39 Campus in Poway Unified, where the guiding principles are: Nurture creative confidence Practice design thinking Encourage inquiry Connect globally Use technology Promote courage Instill a growth mindset Well, here [...]

Dramatic Shift to Deeper Learning: Yes We Can Scale to Underserved Schools

Yes, we CAN make substantial change in even underperforming schools in underserved communities, and the answer does NOT have to lie in longer hours and drilling for tests. The answer can lie in what John Dewey and the other giants of the Progressive Era of education defined more than 100 years ago: student experience, engagement, and ownership [...]

What Practices Have No Place in Today’s Classroom?

“What classroom (pedagogical) practices have no place in today’s classroom?” This was a question  T. J. Locke, the ever-thoughtful Head of School at Episcopal Academy just outside of Philadelphia, posed a few days ago to a list of colleagues.  He is going to compile the results, but I thought I would share my quick brain dump [...]

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What Does Student-Owned Learning Exploration Look Like?

What does deeper, richer learning look like? How might we shift to a more student-centered, student-owned school day? Is this possible only in private schools, or also in public schools that are adjusting to new standards and struggling with larger class sizes? Here are some pics from a quick stop at Design 39 Campus yesterday. [...]

Rapid Prototypes of Near-Classroom Experiential Learning Units

Could your faculty (with maybe a bit of input from students) prototype an experiential learning unit in 14 minutes that meets the following specs?: Student ownership of the project Multidisciplinary content Observation Reflection Synthesis Action that impacts others Outside the classroom but within walking distance That is one of the fast activities we ran through [...]

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