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DEEP DT Flash Lab: A One-Hour Dive Into the Pool #Fuse14

Am writing this blog post is in real time.  In the 101 Track of #fuse14, the coaches are leading what they call a "flash lab" a quick introduction experience that compresses the DT process into very short segments.  Attendees have partnered with people they never met before five minutes ago.  The group was handed the [...]

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Is “Making” Missing the Forest for the Trees? Active Twitter Chat #fuse14

There is a great exchange going on this morning on the #fuse14 Twitter feed about the role of "new" educational tools like maker-spaces, design studios, and design thinking. Lisa Goochee, a 4th grade teacher at an international school in Brazil kicked it off by asking if the " 'making' fervor is missing the forest for [...]

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Questions/Feedback I Will Share From #FUSE14

As an observer-reporter-connector at large for #FUSE14 this coming week, I will try to flesh out some of the larger meanings and lessons, particularly for those who are not able to attend in person.  A foundational skill of great thinking is asking questions, especially the kind of questions that expand the framework of possible outcomes.  As [...]

First Of Many #FUSE14 Posts This Week: Welcome to Design Thinking

One of the premier opportunities for K-12 educators to learn about and practice the power of design thinking takes place this week in Atlanta, and I am honored to be invited to attend as a sort of “reporter/connector-at-large”.  From now through June 26, my blog will be focused on #FUSE14; during the actual conference June [...]

How Might We Change Our Schools…in 10 Minutes?

I have never visited an educational institution more steeped in tradition than the US Military Academy at West Point.  The Academy is a keeper of traditions of which all of us would be proud, and that many of us would do well to emulate.  But, over the several years that I have worked and visited [...]

Stephen Downes on “Connectivism” in Learning

I was a latecomer to the formal theories of education and learning; in my formative years I never read Dewey, Piaget, or Bloom. I am still convinced that I coined the term “problem-finding” one afternoon in 1985 as I ran our two dogs on a sage-covered hillside; certainly I had never heard it used before [...]