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Your School and Google’s Flexible Workspace

In a series of short posts and videos from Fast Company, we see how Google is using space to create collaborative working and learning environments.  I watched several of these, and see enormous parallels to how we can transform the K-12 learning process by re-imagining the use of physical space.   Here are some of my [...]

Students Crush Meaning of Learning, Pretty Much on Their Own!

I did not think my afternoon session with the freshmen at All Saints Episcopal School could top the “you made my head hurt” whirl of systems thinking with the sophomores. I may have been wrong. I had a 70-minute learning block with the 9th grade cohort of the Tad Bird Honors College, and with virtually [...]

A GREAT Day Ahead at All-Saints’ Episcopal, Ft. Worth

I rarely post a prequel of a school visit, but I am so STOKED about the day I get to spend at All Saints Episcopal School in Ft. Worth later this month.  When we find schools and school leaders that are really taking a new tack in learning, we need so share and celebrate. Plenty [...]

Repost: Nilofer Merchant and Value in the Social Era

I rarely re-post, but it almost exactly a year ago since I wrote this post, and the lessons of Merchant, Zuboff, Gorbis, Rinne, and others are increasingly vital to educators: Taking advantage of sitting at the Toyota dealership in beautiful Hays, Kansas as they replace something called in inverter cooling pump. $600. Catching up on blog [...]

The Cognitosphere Grows on Saturday Morning

The last two days I have been re-writing chapters for my book on organizational innovation in schools. We KNOW that connectivity is an absolute key to innovation; it has been since the Renaissance, in coffee shops, billard halls, or online.  We also know that generally younger information age knowledge workers are more comfortable, in fact seek [...]

Into My Future

As many of you know, I formally resigned my position at Francis Parker School this spring after almost a decade and a half in a variety of leadership positions.  I hope to continue my association with Parker, which my great aunt and uncle founded 100 years ago, in informal ways.  For now, and following on [...]

Experiential Learning Around the Globe, Francis Parker School, San Diego

If you followed my blog during the middle of February you had a chance to share in some of the remarkable learning experiences of a group of 14 high school students from Francis Parker School in San Diego on our two-week trip in the rural Philippines. My EdJourney last fall was about finding unique, innovative [...]

I, Too, Can Teach

Spontaneous dance party on the beach of Apo Island, last night of trip. Our trip to the Philippines ended with two glorious days on Apo Island, highlighted by a dance party on the beach between our students and most of the village youth.  How often does this happen on Apo, a small fishing [...]

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