Design Thinking in K-12: A Live Fireside Chat #DTK12Chat

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Design Thinking in K-12: A Live Fireside Chat #DTK12Chat

Last night Bo Adams and I were honored to chat about the nature and strengths of design thinking and its role in K-12 education.  This Fireside Chat was organized under the auspices of the weekly #DTk12Chat on Twitter which takes place on Wednesdays at 9 PM ET/6 PM PT.  It is routinely attended by dozens of forward-leaning K-12 educators and thought leaders.

As always, Bo is the more articulate in our conversations!  But one point I tried to enforce is this: design thinking is a well-articulated and easy-to-develop pathway of a timeless and well-tested model for effective, creative, rigorous thinking and problem solving.  It is not new; it has become more accessible.  We should not get wrapped up in the name or jargon; nor should we bow to any cookbook recipe for learning.  DT is a powerful arrow in our quiver that can be used in almost any problem solving situation.  We are the archers, and the arrows are no good if we (adults and students) don’t embrace the role of the one pulling the bowstring.

Thanks to #dtk12chat organizers!


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