Do We Make a Difference?

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Do We Make a Difference?

imgresDo we make a difference? Someone once asked that question of Pete Seeger: “How do you know you have made a difference” by sticking to your principles and your message in the face of long odds.  His answer: “I don’t know, but I have met many people with live eyes and live minds.”

That perfectly expresses how I feel about my own work, energized one day by the enthusiasm and optimism of fellow educators who want to bust out of an old, expired system into one vastly more relevant and FUN, only to be stonewalled the next day by a system so highly resistant to change.

So I am going to keep my eye on the Pete Seeger prize, words from an American hero if there ever was one, and revel in the honor I have to cross paths so frequently with so many people, young and old, with “live eyes and live minds”!

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