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Four Good Reads For Your Week

I know that many others provide links to good reads, and I try to Tweet out these as well.  But I thought from time to time I would post links to some particularly good reads as I plow through my Google Reader list trying to keep up.  I know I have more time than some of you, so hopefully this helps highgrade the time you do have available to keep abreast of the ideas shared by a few of our fellow educational innovators:

Colleges Start to Offer Meditation, via Annie Murphy Paul.  Importance of teaching overt mindfulness and reflection skills.  We know these skills are important and easy to teach.  Why are they not part of a K-12 curriculum map?

Balancing Good and New, via Chris Lehman.  Very much aligned with my post on the Tao of Innovation, the need to live with both rapid change and calm respect for traditions and past lessons.  We can’t go back and forth between the two; they are the ongoing duality of education.

The Cost of Neutral, via Seth Godin. A short urging that would be good to share at your next faculty meeting when people want to just shut up and go home fast.  Or, if your faculty meetings tend to be places people want to avoid, maybe they need to be re-imagined to foster something other than neutrality.

Faces of the New Higher Ed.  Another bold alternative to college as an 18-year old, via Katrina Schwartz.  We know that Germany has huge success with their apprentice programs; is this the next generation? How many of our graduates would be better off in this environment than in building up huge debt at a traditional college?

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