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Free Chapter Download From #EdJourney: Time

My publisher, Jossey-Bass Education, has kindly agreed to allow a free download of the first chapter of my book, #EdJourney.  Chapter One is about the main obstacle that schools cited in my interviews when they realize that they need to embrace a path of change: the allocation of time during the day.

What if we were starting a school from scratch, with no preconditions other than creating the best possible learning environment for students?  Would we break the day up into 55 minute or 75 minute chunks according to six or seven ages-old subject areas?  Would we all move in lockstep at the beginning and end of these increments of time and tell everyone to switch their brain patterns when a bell rings?  Would be set in stone that every student study math or a foreign language for the same certain number of minutes per day?  Nearly every educator I met on the trip told me that learning at schools has evolved in response to “time” as a precondition, and not the other way around.

Go to the book purchase page and scroll down to the bottom for the link to the chapter on Time.

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